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The most competent, trustworthy and responsive agents in the business.

We recruit our agents with the same passion that we expect them to have for finding your perfect home or selling the one you already own. We help to accomplish this by providing our agents with the finest and most up to date training available to our industry. We have great relationships with all title companies, local lenders, inspectors, and other brokerages, all to help ensure you a seamless transaction.

Our agents, managers, team leaders and the broker will work tirelessly to make sure that you, OUR client, will have the best possible outcome for your transaction.

Thank you for choosing JLA Atascocita for your purchasing, selling or leasing needs!

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Featured Listings

Premier Real Estate

Let us show you the most sought after properties in the North Houston market.

Whether buying or selling prime real estate, it takes a niche’. Here at JLA Realty – Atascocita, we have just that. When looking to buy or list we know just how to get the job done. Prime real estate is all about the lifestyle. If you are looking for anything from farm and ranch to luxury living, we have agents who specialize in that lifestyle. With our agent development programs and supporting specialists in place, we make sure that our agents are more than just competent, we help make them market leaders.

Thank you for choosing JLA Realty – Atascocita to help you live the lifestyle you have always wanted. Please feel free to check out our luxury division The Collection.